Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Loss by Vicki Green Review

The Loss (Heartache Series #1)The Loss by Vicki Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***ARC gifted by author for an honest review***
Jase and Alena have been best friends for life since their childhood. Inseparable. As the grow up, this King and Queen of the prom develop feelings beyond friendship but never express them over the fear of ruining the perfect friendship thru share. When tragedy strikes Jase not only loses Liv but a part of himself. How could he possibly tell Alena how he feels? If rejected he couldn't possibly handle another loss...So 5 years, college and life happens. High School Reunion is due to happen and these two are brought back together. Will it be the same as old times? Alena is with Bill now and has her business and Jase is back in his hometown but still on the outskirts unable to return home after losing Liv.

Time and time again I was punched in the gut by the outpouring of emotion in this book. But with sadness comes joy! Shawn Dawson graces the cover of Vicki Green's the loss and knowing his love of food, I could not help but picture him throughout this book savouring cheats making food porn noises. This book made me anxious. Anxious to read more and praying for a happy outcome. How these two can possibly survive? With a title like "The Loss" I was still praying for my HEA...and no I'm not telling if you get one....and very much looking forward to Jolie and Tanner's story!!!

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