Thursday, November 13, 2014

Intimate Knowledge by Helen Karol

Intimate Knowledge: Part 1 (Detective & Desires #1.1)Intimate Knowledge: Part 1 by Helen Karol
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This series of stories was gifted to me for an honest review including the prologue by the author. Keep in mind, I did not have any knowledge as to the basis of the book nor did I read any blurbs or see the book cover prior to reading this book.

I read the prologue's three POV's that cycle between the main characters Leo Gold and Raisa Gordon. I was hooked by the second page. The hot scene unfolded and drew me in and laid premise to the story leading up to that point. I wanted more. This is written as a serial and I read parts 1-7 and apparently it's not done, because I want to hear the rest of the story. I want to find out what side Raisa chooses, her job or a future with Leo?

The story itself is about Vice Detective Raisa Gordon who gets the position of her dreams as an undercover agent in the Task Force. Only, she got more than she bargained for, she got the attention of Leo Gold, successful architect, international businessman and heir apparent to Gold crime family. Her own desires, passions and repressed traumas emerge as Leo seduces her. Leo loves hard while remaining faithful and pleasuring his women. There is more to Leo as well. How can there not be? Heir apparent to Gold crime family, Raisa's mission is to verify and gather Intel on Leo's connections to bust the whole operation. Meanwhile, Leo wants to peel her like an onion and discover, embrace and devour every inch of Raisa from the minute he noticed her at an art gallery as she gazed at the works. What he finds in Raisa, taps into his own dark tendencies of his bloodline he has tried so hard to compartmentalize within himself. Raisa, the "Queen of Disconnect", plummets down the rabbit hole while Leo evolves into himself throughout the book. I can't wait to see where this series goes from here! The imagery is vivid, tension is razor sharp and dialogue is free flowing and story keeps moving, which is awesome. There are definitely no drags in this book!!! Page after page, was a new discovery and twist and one more piece of the puzzle to both Raisa's desires and Leo's evolution.

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