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TIED by Piper Malone

TIED by Piper Malone

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The heartbreak of my past has begun to heal.

After the death of my parents and a divorce, I struggled in the darkness. Craving a new life, I shed the inhibitions that have sequestered my deepest desires.    

I seek an awakening.

The path leads me to Reign and into the hands of BDSM club owner Caleb Dunn. Despite his reluctance, Caleb agrees to mentor me, quickly becoming a fixture in my life.

He is a beacon illuminating my way....

We fight to keep our relationship within the walls of Reign, but the boundaries blur. The passionate moments weaving through our lives are undermined by his stoicism. But despite the wounds created by the ebb and flow of his devotion, I open myself to Caleb, allowing him to push the limits of my body and my mind... I reach for the light.

Can I give him my heart and soul? Will I ever receive the same from him in return? Our future is uncertain, but one fact remains true…to Caleb, I will be forever tied.

Here is a snippet of Tied for you to enjoy. This scene takes place after Reagan and Caleb have met for the first time to negotiate a D/s contract. After Reagan leaves, Caleb’s reinforcements waste no time in wanting to know the score. Who needs enemies with friends like these? I hope you enjoy Mr. Dunn and his crew. 
            They circle like vultures before I can even get back to my chair.
            “Well?” Blake hands me a scotch. “What’s the verdict?”
            I watch Skyler gracefully take Reagan’s chair. “Do you like her?”
            She’s funny, she knows baseball, and she’s got a smile brighter than the sun. “She has potential.”
            “Caleb,” she admonishes, “you can come up with something better than that.” Skyler leans forward, not letting me off the hook. “For the record, I think she’s adorable and you two would look very nice together.”
            “Hey, matchmaker,” Nick barks, “give the man time to breathe.” He slugs down the remainder of his beer, slamming it on the table. “That being said, dude, cut her loose now if you think she’s going to be a problem.”
            The dialogue between Nick and Skyler is easily ignored as the gears turn. She’s a problem. Since Cassandra, my desire to participate in anything more than random hookups has been nil. Until Reagan Langley waltzed into my office with her curiosity and her willingness and her sexy-as-fuck dress that clung to every curve tonight. Until I had to look over this list of limits and realized how beautifully matched we could be. For a moment, I was excited about the possibility of starting a new relationship, but then the reality set in. You can’t do permanent. It doesn’t work out for you, Dunn.
            I realize a little too late, they are all staring at me. “I’ll train her.”
            Blake zeros in on me. “You like her already.”
            “She’s sweet; I won’t deny that.” She’s perfection. Perfection that I will craft for another lucky bastard. I would only disappoint her in the long run.
            “You’re going to have a hard time not getting emotional with her, Caleb. You have a really big heart. She seems lovely.” Skyler’s words are meant to console my fears; she knows me too well.
            “Look, man.” Nick immediately counters Skyler’s stance. “If this is something you want to do, you need to keep a tight leash on her and yourself.”
            He’s right. I’ve already talked to Reagan about the boundaries of our relationship. They are clear. They don’t move. Immobilized within the confines of our roles in the contract.
            “I’ll write the negotiation tight. I’ll train her and, when the time is right, I’ll help her find a Dom if that what she wants.”
            Blake snickers. “You talk such a good game, man. I saw you checking her out when she got up from the table.”
            The image of Reagan’s body smoothly moving across the open patio was a breathtaking sight. The setting sun make her hair shine, the glimpse of red showing themselves against deep brown. The vision of her body, its movement, being mine even for a brief period of time was enough to spark a wicked hard-on. When she poured my drink, the tendrils of her submissive nature showing themselves, I nearly ravaged her.
            “I won’t deny she’s beautiful, but we’re staying professional.”
            “You’re fucked, boss.” Blake raises his glass to me, that stupid grin on his face shouting that he knows Reagan Langley has piqued my interest.

About Piper...

Piper Malone became passionate about writing in her early years and has always found comfort and belonging in the beautifully crafted words of authors she adores. Enchanted by the connection of pen to paper, Piper is never without a journal to capture her thoughts and musings. An insatiable adventure, Piper rarely passes on the chance to try something new but also enjoys the simple pleasures of a glass of wine, dark chocolate and a good book. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and son.

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Destiny Mine by Nana Prah

Destiny Mine by +Nana Prah
Destiny series book 2
Published by +Decadent Publishing
Genre: contemporary, medical, multicultural romance
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Extraordinary midwife, Esi Darfour, is looking to get married.  She’s a master matchmaker but has no luck when it comes to her love life and has yet to find a man worthy of her. Until she has to deal with gorgeous Dr. Adam Quarshie outside of work.

Adam is a player who refuses to get married—ever. His interest lies more in getting her into bed than in having any kind of committed relationship. Esi’s matchmaker instincts warn her to run in the other direction as quickly as possible, but her heart insists she stay…get closer…and see if what they feel for each other can change his mind.


Enjoy the following excerpt for Destiny Mine:

Her gaze travelled down his muscular body. Unlike many of the other doctors who tended to gain a belly as they grew older and settled into the comforts of married life, Adam Quarshie could overshadow any man in his late twenties. His stomach had remained flat and his muscles strained against his yellow button-down shirt when he moved.

She took her time raking her gaze up his body and to his face. Her gasp of embarrassment stuck in her throat as her eyes met his.

Why did he have to have such an adorable grin? God could’ve at least rotted his teeth to save the hearts of women all over Ghana.

“See something you like, Esi?”

She cleared her throat. “Yes, I do. Your shoes are nice. Where can I get a pair for my brother?”

He chuckled. “My shoes. Hmm. I got them on Oxford Street in Osu.”


He moved towards her, and she refused to step back as he crowded her. He smelled amazing, like he was fresh from a shower. She struggled not to move closer or inhale deeper.

“Or I could take you.” His voice came out soft yet had a distinct rumble.

Did the man not know how to be anything but seductive?

If she checked her pulse, she knew it would be way above the normal range. She snorted as she stepped around him and went to the patient’s bedside. “I’m going home. You did a great job.” She tilted her head to view the child’s face cradled in the new mother’s arms then smiled at the newborn’s mother. “You were able to gather the strength to push the baby out. You are a strong woman, Ama.”

The woman ducked her head. “Thank you.”

Esi turned to Adam, not bothering to hide her annoyance. “Are there any other patients you want to see?”

“I’ll come back to do ward rounds later. How about going to Osu?”

“I’d rather…rather….” Fatigue had blocked her brain. Later on in the day, long after it was too late, she’d think of any number of things she could have said to put him in his place.

He raised an eyebrow. Their perfect arch sat over slanted dark brown eyes.
“You’d rather what?”

“Eat a live snail.”

He scrunched his face. “Disgusting. No Osu for you, then. Next time, I’ll ask to take you somewhere that won’t make you prefer eating something raw and slimy over hanging out with me.”

“No such place exists, Quarshie.” They walked, rather, she stalked while he strutted, down the hallway towards the nurse’s station.

“I’m sure there is somewhere, and one day I’m going to take you there.”

She didn’t bother to look at him. “In your dreams.”

He winked. “Always in my dreams.”

Her heart skipped a beat as Sade’s classic song “Smooth Operator” came to mind. She regarded him through narrowed eyes as he headed towards the door. His heartbreaking ways didn’t appeal to her at all. Everyone knew relationships weren’t his thing. She’d never even consider going out on a date with him. She knew too many casualties of his charm. The type of guy who would go to all sorts of lengths to get a woman on his radar. Once he caught and used her, he moved to the next one…or two. After having once dated a womanizer, she wouldn’t subject herself to that kind of man again.

No way. Not her. Never


Nana Prah is a multi-published author of contemporary, multicultural romance. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s reading, indulging in chocolate, and enjoying life with friends and family.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @NanaPrah
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