Thursday, November 13, 2014

Suicide Ride by E Llewellyn Review

In Suicide Ride-The Platinum Man by E. Llewellyn, I couldn't get enough of Johnny and Norman! Johnny Gellis is NOT your typical wanna-be rock star. He is a 6 and a half tall drink of water in the middle of the desert and a blessing to any dying man or woman. He is gonna make it big, he is sure of that, if he can just make the right connections. But there is more to this young man, he is not some dumb bloke. Contrary, he is a smart cookie, an MD. So what makes this doctor pick up and leave Atlanta and drive his endeared beat up Corvette to Los Angeles, the boulevard of broken dreams? E.Llewellyn paints a very vivid picture and creates awesome imagery in your minds eye down the path of Johnny Gellis and his conflicted soul. At first, I wasn't sure where the story was going, why we were there (in LA) or really what the story was about until about page 40. I didn't read any blurbs or review prior to reading this book. My best friend said "You gotta read this" She knows what I like, so I did. After page 40, that's when I was hooked...Norman is the star for me. Norman is the semi-retired legacy of Dimond Records. By day a record exec and by night in the seedy depths of Hadrian's a M/M gentlemen's club. When their worlds collide, Norman is drawn to Johnny like a moon in orbit, eclipsed by his beauty and then entranced by his song. But even smitten, Norman knows there is something off about Johnny. The interactions and conflicts both in real time dialogue and character thoughts are fabulous! Looking forward to seeing how their relationship progresses in Book Two-The Fix.

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  1. Thanks, girls! I love it! Hugs to you both! :-)