Thursday, November 13, 2014

Testing the Submissive by Al Daltrey Review

Testing the Submissive by Al Daltrey is a book I wanted to read the minute it was released. The praise by others on Al Daltrey's work is absolutely accurate; Al Daltrey did not disappoint. The author did an AMAZING job in reflecting Abigail's POV. Although I have read quite a few BDSM books, Testing the Submissive surpasses the others. I recommend to anyone, read the description of the book, so you know what you are getting yourself into. Abigail is a submissive masochist. Lewis, her master/pimp, works within a network of sadists. After every session, Lewis interviews Abby to assure all sessions' details had been applied. As Abby goes through each experience you feel her happiness, elation, pain, sadness and anger. The poignant accounts of her sessions rip at your core as you ingest each emotion, lash by lash. Testing the Submissive is wonderfully written and helped me understand the thought process and emotion turmoils of a masochist, something that is so far from my personal thought processes and experiences. Well done, Al.

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  1. I'm blown away by this review. Thank-you so much. I've said this many times but, this was my first book, not written with any intent to make money - but simply for the fun of sharing a kinky story. A review like this totally makes it worthwhile. Thanks!