Monday, February 23, 2015

Coast to Coast interviews Marissa Honeycutt

We has the opportunity to get to know Marissa Honeycutt a little better as she took the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us....

Coast to Coast Besties interviews Marissa Honeycutt:

#1 In 5 words, describe your writing style...

I feel…I see…Write

#2 Do your leading men characters come from anywhere in particular? Dreams? 

Ex's? Crushes? Movie Stars?

The original version of Alex was loosely based on the Baron from Royal Pains. 

Then I saw Chris Hemsworth and knew that’s roughly what he looked like. 

Appearance-wise, Devin is based on Tony Stark.

#3 What do you do in your down time when not writing?

Down time? I don’t have a lot of that, but when I’m not writing, I’m 

homeschooling my 2ndgrader, taking care of my house, playing on Facebook. And 

having sex. :D

#4 When you walk into a bookstore, where do you go first? What's your 

favorite genre/subject matter to read?

The coffee table books.

#5 What made you decide to write shmexy romance novels?

I had a story in my head and I needed to get it out.

#6 Who, if anyone, has influenced your writing?

I pick up tidbits here and there from everything. I don’t know if any one 

person influenced me.

#7 What research did you have to perform to back up your story? Did any 

research open your eyes or give you a new respect for a topic or profession?

I did lots of research for this book. German vocabulary and grammar; German 

culture and marriage laws; German history; San Francisco real estate and 

about the city; and of course, shopping online for expensive things like 

diamonds, Mercedes sports cars and clothes. I like my books to be as accurate 

as possible, so I research things to death. I gained a deep appreciation for 

German culture, and since I’m part German, I learned a lot about why I am the 

way I am. Lol

#8 What is your method for writing a book? certain amount of words per day, 

hours per day, a certain routine? Are you a character/story builder or an 

outliner or some other method?

I write until I feel the story is done. I don’t pay attention to word counts 

or anything like that. I know I am not capable of writing short stories 

though. J  I’m a little obsessed when I write, so I pretty much write non-

stop. I have to learn about my characters, the setting, and the general idea 

of where the story is going, then I just go for it.

#9 How do you get past writers block or distractions such as Facebook?

Writers block: going for a walk helps, laying down and thinking about the 


Facebook: is it possible to get past those distractions?

#10 What is your favorite book from childhood?

Little Women

#11 What's on your desk? Can you see your desk? Describe what you see when 

you look around.

I don’t have a desk. I usually write on my couch or on my bed. And the 

surroundings are usually fairly messy, as I have two little boys.

#12 What's the weirdest thing you have Googled? Have you ever Googled 

yourself? If so, did anything surprise you?

Hmmm…male cock piercings, I guess. They look so painful! I guess it’s not 

really weird, per se, but it’s certainly interesting. I did learn the history 

behind the Prince Albert piercing, which was interesting. 

 I have googled both my real name and my pen name. My maiden name could 

be considered dirty and it can get some interesting results (Nope, not 

telling you what it is!)

#13 What's your favorite line from any of your books?

“She was born of love between her parents. She was raised, at least her first 

few years, in a home of love. Even Jack and Devin loved on her when she was 

younger. That is why she’s able to feel things other...women like her could 

only dream of. That’s what makes her so powerful. That’s what makes her so 


#14 Do you believe in love at first sight (in real life not fiction)?

Not really. I believe you can have a connection at first meeting, but love is 

a choice and an action. (I suppose I’m not really romantic, eh?)

#15 Is there any scene that is harder for you to write than others? sexy? 

action? violence?

        Love scenes that don’t involve violence can be difficult. The 

hardest scene I wrote was the first time Alex and Anna make love. That took 

me HOURS because I knew it had to be just-right. But I’m pleased with how it 

turned out.


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