Friday, July 3, 2015

NEW REVIEW: Love is Louder by Antoinette Candela

Title: Love is Louder 
 Author: Antoinette Candela  
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Love is Louder Cover

When does love fall apart? Do you see it? Do you feel it? Can you save it?
When two worlds collide it sets off an unlikely chain of events, creating temptations and feelings that did not exist and changing the course of two random strangers. A crumbling marriage to a successful husband, A man fighting to keep his family together, Two people looking to reconcile and bury their past lives. Lives comes together that would never have been, where one secret will turn their worlds upside down. What happens when the truth is finally exposed? Will both sides end up hurt and alone? When does love reappear? Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you fight for it? Love is beautiful. Love is quiet. Love is ugly. Love is Louder.

 I really liked this book! I began reading it expecting a typical angst filled romance of a woman torn between two men. I was SO pleasantly surprised to quickly read otherwise. This book has a complex plot with characters that have true depth. Nothing feels contrived or forced.

There are three main characters whose lives are mysteriously intertwined through one pregnant woman (Meadow) killed by a hit and run driver four years prior. Mason, Meadow's sister, seems to be the perfect all American man. Brie is the married woman he has serious chemistry with. James is Brie's unfaithful husband. Before the end of the book, I was actually feeling compassion for James, even as I disliked him. Invoking those feelings in a reader takes serious talent from the writer.

There are several minor characters that are vital to the development of the book. They have been just as deeply developed as the major characters and are much more than mere "extras".

The book ends with many unanswered questions, but in no way leaves the reader feeling cheated. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

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