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NEW REVIEW: Consolation Duet by Corinne Michaels

Title: Consolation
 Author: Corinne Michaels 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

 Holy Freaking Cliffhanger, Batman!! The story and plot, although a bit predictable, was a decent read. Natalie is pregnant with her miracle baby and, and her husband,Aaron, is killed in an overseas mission. Aaron's best friend, Liam, steps up to make sure Natalie is taken care of. They fall in love. There is guilt and anguish on both their parts that they must work through. It's quite a quaint little story...until the end. WHAM! Out of left field cliffhanger.

The writing and character development of the main and minor characters are strong enough to make me read the second book, Conviction.


Natalie needs to live for her daughter. She needs to learn how to move forward and live after her husband dies. How does she move on and forward when all she has know and loved is Aaron? How does she move on when a piece of her is gone?

I shouldn't want this.
But I do.

I shouldn't be this comfortable in his arms.
But I am.

I should make him leave and put some distance between us.
But I can't.

Liam was Aaron's best friend. He was at her wedding. He came to her house, spent time with her husband. She shouldn't be having these feelings. The only problem is sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Liam was just there to help Natalie. To be there for her. One day turned into the next and he was a constant in Natalie's life.

I swore I would look after her if something happened, but no one told me I'd fall in love with my best friend's wife. I need to walk away before I'm in too deep.

Corinne Michaels knows how to write a book that's not just a story but a journey. And that's what this is, a journey, Natalie & Liam's journey. She makes you feel what Natalie is going through. Her every thought and emotion. What emotions Liam struggles with each day. And the ghost they both are fighting.

All these emotions are exactly what you feel at the end. I'm not going to lie the cliffhanger was BIG but the shock factor was there so you felt all these emotions right along with these characters.

This book is a MUST READ!

Title: Conviction
 Author: Corinne Michaels 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 


 Consolation was a believable story with a cliffhanger plot twist that seems could only happen in fiction. I was emotionally invested in the story so I was compelled to read Conviction. Corinne Michaels was able to take an "only in the movies" story line and complete it with completely believable human reactions and emotions.

Aaron, the presumed dead husband, is alive after all. While he was away, his dirty little secret came to light. Natalie, Aaron's wife, had to completely re-evaluate her relationship with Aaron. She saw it for what it truly was, including her faults as well as Aaron's. Liam, Aaron's best friend, had to decide if he was going to fight to keep Natalie or bow out gracefully.

Conviction ended well. It was a book that showed life is messy, but livable.
 ***If you haven't read Consolation then you MUST read that first.***

This book was highly anticipated after we were left with that HUGE cliffhanger.

Natalie was finally moving on with her life. She found love after never thinking it was possible. She moved forward after having a mother bomb dropped on her. Now she comes face to face with another shocker. How will she move forward from this?

"I need a minute. I need a few of them. I love you, but I have to go."

Liam has found the one person he never thought he would find. The one person that completes him, makes him whole. But will she pick him in the end.

"Loving you was never the issue. It's keeping you when you're not mine to have."

Corinne Michaels takes us on another rollercoaster ride. I couldn't turn the pages faster enough to see the outcome. What was Natalie going to do? Was this going to be a messy love triangle?

"I think I was always yours to have. I'm just hoping you'll see that soon."

All those emotions you felt reading Consolation were all there. Corinne pulls you in keeping you captivated from page one to the very last page.

Natalie is such a strong willed woman. For everything that life has thrown at her she has survived. An inspiration to other woman. Liam is just a sexy Dreamboat.

A great conclusion to this perfect duet.


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