Sunday, April 26, 2015

FIVE by Holli Anderson

Five - Out of the Dark (Five #1)Five - Out of the Dark by Holli Anderson
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I received FIVE (Book One) by Holli Anderson at a book signing in NYC and it was awesome to meet the author who wrote this series and have my books signed! The main character is Paige she is an average high school girl who one day started feeling like she had powers. Her father is a preacher and her mom is a religious woman. One day when she was practicing her powers in the backyard levitating a pencil and her father came in to backyard and flipped out and she said was possessed by the devil. Her father called a special service to take her away but Paige was able to use her new found powers to get the big burly men hired to institutionalize her off of her and run away. After running away she discovered the Seattle underground and found another teenager like herself that had powers too, Johnathan. After living in the Undergrounds with Johnathan they met up with Alec Holly and Seth, who also have powers. Magical creatures start appearing in Seattle and start attacking people and Jonathan, Paige, Alec Seth and Holly battle to save Seattle. Joe, who works in the grocery store is their mentor and the last of the previous FIVE. As they explore their newfound powers and discover the boundaries their bond grows. Can’t wait to read Book Two to see what happens to Faith.
Review by Ariel Pardo (my daughter)

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