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Forbidden Faith by TJ West

Forbidden Faith (Downtown, #1)Forbidden Faith by T.J. West
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I was gifted this ARC by the author for an honest review. I had the pleasure of meeting TJ West in Phoenix AZ in January 2015 for collaboration on her upcoming books' photo shoots for their covers. With that being said, I was attracted to her passion for her characters and her vision of how she wanted them portrayed. It is truly a blessed experience to be part of the process. At the time, I didn't know this book was complete and part of the series we were shooting covers for in January, but here it is, in all its glory, and Tiff, you should definitely be proud Mama! Now on with the review....

***Disclaimer: As always, I do not read blurbs nor others' reviews prior to reading books for review***

We are introduced immediately to Lucas/Lucky Jones, construction worker for Montgomery Industries, owned by Faith Montgomery's father. The book opens up with a heart wrenching scene where this appealingly humble young man is forced into a decision to take a blackmail payoff of one million dollars to never see Faith again. Her father is a biased, mean, evil man who pulls every string to get what he wants, even if it means smearing Lucas' impoverished and junkie mom's shortcomings publicly to assure he will leave town.

Faith Montgomery,the daughter of this wealthy successful CEO, is a privileged young lady who assists her father in his business and dreams of opening her own hotel one day. At the tender age of 19, in a chance encounter at her father's job site, she crossed paths with Lucas and became enamored and intrigued at their first meeting and she didn't even get his name. Faith has a strong character and she pursues him, at first behind the back of her disapproving father and they start a loving relationship. After being gutted by Lucas' acceptance of her father's money, unaware of the full story of blackmail and torment behind it, she goes on with her life and college, leaving her estranged father behind in Arizona. She moves to San Diego, still sort of attached to her dad's business, but separately living her dream of opening her own hotel, Montgomery Suites.

Faith's college roommate is the eccentric June, also a privileged born female, but with ambitions of her own. She is operating her own music production company, BitchTours 2090 and doing well. She happens to cross paths with the band, JINX, headed by none other than Lucas/Lucky Jones, himself and his best friend, Danny. The deal June offers is a sweet one and JINXS is more than a little talented and headed for stardom. ***SPECIAL NOTE: In some of the Chapter breaks there are song lyrics....just plain awesome!*** Sharing in June's success, Faith agrees to join June for a celebratory party of the signing of the new band. June exposes Faith to the JINXS' music on the way to the party and the floodgates of old memories and old wounds burst at the seams with the recognition of Lucas' voice....and no spoilers!!!

This is a roller coaster ride of emotions both sad and exciting. The plot twists keep you on your toes for sure and I am definitely looking forward to Book 1.5 June's story. Will Faith run and continue her love-less relationships? Will she give Lucas a chance to explain? Will Lucky face the girl he left behind? What happened to the money? Will Faith confront her father? Will Lucky risk it all by re-entering Faith's life, the one thing that is Forbidden? Find out for yourself!!

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book. I read it all in one sitting to the wee hours of morning. The feelings are raw and exposed and punch you in the gut. The happiness will make you smile as you share in their joys and successes. A truly gifted writer doesn't tell a story, they make you feel it. Slam Dunk, Tiff, slam dunk!

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