Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Author Interview with C Alvarez

We had the opportunity to sit down with C Alvarez, author of Aconite today and get to know her a little better...

CCBB: How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was a child, but as far as for public consumption only since August of 2014.

CCBB: What made you become a writer? Have you always wanted to be a writer? If not, what was your change of calling/career?

That is a tough question. I can’t really find one or even two things that I could truly say made me become a writer. I guess I have always wanted to be a writer. I did put down the pencil for some years to do the mommy thing and now that my babies are a bit more independent I am doing both.

CCBB: Do you write from experience? Are your stories based on real people?

All of my characters are just that characters. The only thing that you will find that plays to anyone I know is bits of me. I think within all my characters, even the darker ones, there is a bit of my personality mixed in.

CCBB: What are your hobbies when not writing?
When not writing I am cooking or baking. Being able to create something soothes me.

CCBB: Do you have a dedicated writing space? A comfy chair? A desk? Recliner on the back porch?

I write wherever I can get peace and quiet. Sometimes its in the middle of the drive while the kids are riding bikes or on the couch but the spot I spend the most time writing in is my bed.

CCCBB: Do you write on paper? Typewriter? Computer? Tablet?
I write on anything on hand when inspiration strikes. My cell, surface pro or a bit of paper works as long as I get the ideas out.

CCBB: Do you ever meet your models before they appear on your books? Or do you choose from stock photos? 
I am a stock photo gal thus far.

CCBB: Do you have a family? Children? How do they feel/know about your writing subject matter?
I am a married mother of four beautiful hoodlums. They are very supportive even though my children cannot exactly read my books they do give me ideas and or what not to do. lol They help with names and awesome locations.

CCBB: Do your friends/family know you are an adult/erotic writer? Do you use a pen name?
Yes, they all know that I am an erotic writer. I have never been a fan of using a pen name not because of the hidden aspect but more on the lines of being unable to deal with more personalities than I already do.

CCBB: Do you have a street team? How did your street team form? Are they personal friends? Are you looking for new members?
I don’t have a Street Team as of yet. I would love to start one up one of these days.

CCBB: How do you promote your books?
I appeal to blogs, post on pimp pages as well as participate in a ton of takeovers.

CCBB: Do you send out ARC copies of books? How many do you normally send?
I haven’t yet but I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

CCBB: Do you have readers to read Beta/unedited copies for their insight on your books?
Yes, I have a handful of wonderful beta readers that are the most truthful as well as honest bunch of women I know.

CCBB: Do you have an author page on Goodreads? Amazon? Other platforms?
Yes, You can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/authorCAlvarez
My website has tons of stuff that you may not find anywhere else. www.authorcalvarez.com

CCBB: How do you base prices for your books? Is it set by the publisher, Amazon etc?
Price setting is a hard one. I price my full length novels at 2.99 and do .99cent sales.

CCBB: Do you monitor your sales closely? Bestseller list?
I do, but as a new author I know it is an up and down market. The best seller list would be amazing but not the goal at the moment.

CCBB: How do you determine when, or if ever, you will put a book on sale or reduce its price?
I do sales on a wim. I don’t want them to be normal. I kind of want to catch people by surprise much like I do in my work.

CCBB: Are there any books that are purely on ebook format? Paperback? Hardcover? 
My books are all available in ebook as well as paperback.

Coast to Coast Book Besties is against book piracy and supports all our authors….Please give us your stand on this issue: 

Piracy is horrid and I wish people would give our work the respect that any other job deserves. We work hard at what we do and for people to feel that they should be able to just take it undermines us not only as authors, but human beings.

CCBB: What measures (if any) have you taken against piracy?
I post constant reminders to make sure that where you are getting your books is legit and the author knows that their work is listed there. If they don’t advertise as free. More than likely that site is bogus and report and block.

CCBB: Do you participate in Teespring or other promotional apparel launches? 
I buy teespring shirts but do not design them. Graphic design is not my strong suite.

Coast to Coast Book Besties would like to thank Ms. Alvarez for taking the time to answer our questions! Check out her recent release on Amazon!! --Jody

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