Wednesday, February 18, 2015

***REVIEW*** Charlotte's Bed by SJ Stava

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Coast to Coast Reviews Charlotte's Bed
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Charlotte Cavanaugh is a 30 yr old Professor of Drama at Creighton University finding herself teaching drama, instead of performing which was her dream. She is excited to start the New Year’s semester; she is newly engaged to Richard Montgomery Dean of Graduate Studies at Creighton. She has her friends and best friend Jessica what more could a girl want?

Each year she gets a new T.A. for her class ‘Intro to Acting’ this semester handsome Mason Broxton is her T.A. who defiantly changes her view on her happy and safe life. Mason brings her out of her safe life that she has with Richard, she is starting to see that her life with Richard while she loves it; it is safe predictable and Richard is in control of all things they do. Mason lets her be herself; she finds that she laughs more can let her hair down and do things she wouldn’t with Richard. With Richard away at lectures alot and spending more time with Mason while preparing the Fall Play, she is finding she has feelings for him. She doubts her relationship with Richard, but still not knowing what she feels for Mason is what she wants or just fantasy.

Charlotte “I think i made a big mistake” “And i don’t know how to fix it”

I enjoyed Charlotte’s story, and loved Mason the handsome 28 yr old T.A. The characters flowed and i enjoyed Jessica the best friend, i loved that she had Charlotte’s back. I was moved in the last few chapters as Charlotte had to come to terms with what she did and that life is never simple, and is complicated when love is involved.

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