Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Annie & Randy by Ryleigh Rhodes

#TreasureStateSeries #AnnieRandy #AuthorRyleighRhodes #March2015

Cover Artist: LM Creations

Anastasia, Annie, Montgomery had one goal in life, to find a fairytale love and live happily ever after. After years of waiting and dating, she thinks she'll never find a man worthy of her virtue.
Randall 'Randy' Crawford has sacrificed a lot to get to where he is today. Randy's a man with plans, letting nothing distract him from obtaining his goals. He doesn't do relationships.
They've known each other for years and Randy has always been off limits. One night during Annie's freshman year in college, Randy appears in the nick of time, saving her from being assaulted.
After the rescue, Randy shares a passionate kiss with Annie, the shields temporarily went down, but Randy retreated leaving Annie in the friend zone.
Years later, an act of violence brings Annie and Randy together again. Will Annie find her knight in shining armor. Can Randy win her over, and prove to Annie he'll keep her safe?

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