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Chasing Rainbows by Linda Oaks

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At the start of her freshman year, Addison Hayes's world is tragically turned upside down and she finds herself spiraling into the darkness of destructive habits. Now three years later, she's still battling the ghosts of her past.

With the start of her senior year, Addie finds herself entangled in a twisted game between twin brothers, Chase and Chance Logan. Their path of destruction leaves an already tormented girl feeling even more lost and confused. But sometimes out of complete chaos can arise a blindingly blessed insight whose name is Jake Riley.

Jake is like no other guy that Addie has ever met before. He doesn't scare easily. Unfortunately for Addie, Jake wants her; darkness and all.

Will Addie lose herself in the darkness or will she be brave enough to finally set herself free?


  "I think we got off to a bad start," he said, breaking the strained silence. Chance's deep voice sent unwanted chills racing down my spine, but I forced myself not to flinch and to finish the sentence I was reading in the book before glancing up at him.

     "You think?" I whispered, my voice sounded huskier than normal due to the effect of his nearness. His eyes narrowed as if he knew exactly what he was doing to me, and he focused that consuming gaze of his right back on my lips. "You're making me uncomfortable," I confessed, and as soon as I'd spoken those words out loud I knew, I'd made a huge mistake.     
     "Uncomfortable is good. At least, I can inspire some kind of emotion in you. I can work with that," Chance said, his voice entirely too cocky. 
     My lips curved into an unwilling smile as I glanced down at the pages in front of me. I had to admire his determination even though, he was wasting his time.   
     "I've read this twice already." he said. So, I quickly turned the page trying to concentrate. He was a distraction, and I didn't like it. I'd already made up my mind that the least amount of time I spent around him, the better off I'd be. I liked Chase, and this made me wonder if things would have been different if I had met Chance first because he was just as charismatic as his brother. 
     The resemblance between the two was downright ridiculous. Except for Chase's fading bruise and the stars on his skin, it was almost impossible to tell them apart. "Chase's nose is broken," he said and I realized then, I was openly gawking at him and he'd guessed exactly what I'd been thinking.

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Linda Oaks has always had a passion for books. At the age of five, she was a book of the month club member. Her love for books eventually led her to a love of writing. She resides in Eastern Kentucky with her husband, two children, three dogs and a pet rabbit named Dozer. She can be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Wordpress, Twitter and Instagram. She can also be reached by email at She loves connecting with her readers.

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