Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Review: Clipped by Love by Toni Aleo

I know that when I read a Toni Aleo book I'm going to get a great story. Her books are always drop what your reading and get to reading her book kind of books. Especially her hockey romance stories, and this was no exception.

This book had real emotions that pull you in and leave you on the edge of your seat wanted more.

This has to be by far my absolute favorite couple so far. Baylor and Jayden were raw, real and sexy characters. They were both strong willed and confident. They were devoted to what they love and fought for what they wanted. It was refreshing to not have a heroine who was whiny or not confident.

One gentlemanly mistake Jayden makes and Baylor will make him work at what he wants. Their banter and sexual tension was so real. Even the sub-characters were funny with their rips and teasing. But once Baylor finally lets go even just a little these two heat up.

We get to see Jude and Claire and even some of the Assassins crew. It was funny seeing Phillip still have his reservations with Jude. I loved the Bellevue family and how they brought Baylor into the fold and made her their sister. How they stuck up for her and made her feel loved.

Baylor and Jayden both want to get drafted into the NHL this year. They both will fight for what they want, on and off the ice. The only problem is will they both get what they want? Will their hearts survive?


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