Monday, May 25, 2015

Archer Brothers Series by Heidi McLaughlin

Do you want to read an emotional book about two soldiers?
What about two books?

Two brothers.

One woman.

One son.

One choice.

Here with Me

Ryley Clarke has grown up with the military in her blood, with both parents serving their country. Ryley knows the risks of being married to the military. But when the unthinkable happens, and her future husband is killed in action, Ryley can barely survive... until Evan's twin brother, Nate, helps her pick up the pieces.

After serving on a special mission with the military for six years, Evan Archer returns home to find the unthinkable - the love of his life, Ryley Clarke - engaged to his brother, Nate. With Nate on deployment, Evan needs to figure out what happened in his absence, and more importantly, how to win Ryley back from the man he once considered his best friend, but now thinks of as his rival.

WOW just wow. This book by far was Heidi's best book I've ever read and that says something since I LOVE all that she writes. I was on the edge of my seat from page one till the very end. I kept trying to read faster to see what would happen next. Literally I couldn't put this down and read it in one sitting.

Heidi made you think and question everything. I kept saying why and how did this happen, over and over again. I felt hurt, sad, hope, happy, anger and love. This story pulls you in and never lets you go. I still have this story with me and can't wait to read what happens next.

My heart broke a thousand times for what Evan went through. What him and Ryley are still going through. For EJ and this little boy in the middle of everything. He's young and resilient no doubt. As for Nate I'm still on the fence if he knew or not. I guess we will find out in book two.

Yes there was a cliffhanger. And I hate them but it was done so well that I'm not that mad. LOL I can't wait for the continuation of this story and hopefully many questions answered!


Choose Me
Two brothers.

One woman.

One son.

One choice.

Lives ripped apart, shattered and rebuilt.

Evan and Nate Archer: Brothers, best friends, warriors and now enemies. Both in love with the same woman. Both determined to fight for what they want.

Nate Archer promised to protect Ryley Clarke in the event Evan didn’t make it back. It’s a promise between brothers since the early days of basic training. Nate never considered that his feelings, long buried since high school, would resurface and grow stronger.

Evan Archer wants answers. He wants someone to pay. After being gone for an unprecedented amount of time, nothing is making sense now that he’s home. Most of all, he can't understand how his brother ended up engaged to his fiancĂ©e. Evan is determined to uncover the mystery, and win back his family.

The Archers are about to fight dirty.

I have no words for how good this book was. After reading Here with Me I thought that was Heidi’s best book but I was way off. Choose Me is by far her best book written to date.

This book set you on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute your smiling the next you’re crying your eyes out. This book has everything a great story should have. It has suspense, love, hate, and lust. The story captivates you and holds you from page one to the very last page. I wanted the story to hurry up so I knew what happened but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. It’s not just a story but a journey.

Ryley is a strong willed woman and I would never have wanted to be in her shoes. Her life changed in an instant but I believe things happen for a reason. At the end of Here with Me I wanted to hate Nate. But as I read his side I learned that he had honorable reasons. He thought he was doing what was right. As for Evan my heart broke over and over for him. How could it not with everything he went through and was dealing with.

I will always be #TeamEvan but I have a place in my heart for Nate too. In the end when you finish this book you will feel hope and be satisfied with the outcome. Your heart will be full. Your questions will all be answered concerning the Ryley/Evan/Nate triangle. The only thing we still need answers to is McCoy’s family. I look forward to the final book and learning about McCoy’s family and what happened. I know I won’t be disappointed.

I suggest reading Here with Me first. If you haven’t read either book then you’re missing out.

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